Product News: Protect the Workplace by Creating a Sterile Waste Transit Path

15 Jan 2019

To maintain the integrity of laboratories and research centres when disposing of contaminated waste from sealed laboratories it is essential to protect the surrounding environment by creating a sterile path as it passes in and out of the laboratory.  This is achieved with double door (pass-through) autoclaves.   British autoclave manufacturer Priorclave is able to deliver a range of options with sterilising chamber capacities up to 700 litres and more.

The latest and smallest double-door autoclave to be released by this specialist manufacturer Priorclave is the QCS 150 Pass-Through design. It has a 150 litre front loading stainless steel chamber and is configured to accommodate up to 20% more load capacity than other steam sterilisers of the same specified size. This provides greater flexibility where the scale of items to be sterilised may vary significantly, allowing both small and taller items abled to be processed in a single pass.

An uncompromising level of safety built into this 150 litre front loading autoclave is achieved by way of a design that included advanced door interlock settings, preventing doors at either end of the chamber to be simultaneously opened.

All sterilising processes are controlled through the advanced Tactrol® microprocessor which provides simple yet variable settings of process time and temperature, all supported by graphic indication of cycle status. Just set the temperature and time required, select any options needed and press start, operation is fully automatic once the cycle has started.  The tough, clear control panel displays continuously process status.

Each QCS 150 Pass-Through autoclave is partly bespoke.  Depending on the application Priorclave will configure layout of the Tactrol® controller to suit lab requirements.  A typical set-up could be that only one side of the double door steriliser has access to the full control system, the other side of the autoclave equipped with just a screen to show process status so that staff are aware when a job is complete and it is safe to remove the media or waste.

The overall design and build of each double-door autoclave takes place at Priorclave’s UK manufacturing centre where the company introduces a robust bulkhead mount to facilitate a strong structural fix into a dividing wall between the sterile lab and non-sterile areas.  Once installed the double-door Pass-Through Priorclave is the perfect partner working as an interface between sterile and non-sterile areas.