Product News: Promega Introduces GoTaq Long PCR Master Mix For Robust Long-Range PCR

18 Oct 2011

Promega Corporation announced today that it has launched GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix, an optimized enzyme mixture for improved long-range PCR. The new kit enhances PCR yield, sensitivity and specificity and enables efficient amplification of up to 40kb from lambda DNA or 30kb from human genomic DNA.

The GoTaq Long PCR Master Mix components have been engineered with hot start formulation to enable simple reaction set-up, and optimized to provide consistently efficient, accurate and robust performance of long DNA amplicons. The new master mix is ideal for cloning genes, mutational analysis and DNA sequencing.

The GoTaq Long PCR Master Mix contains Promega’s high performance GoTaq Hot Start Polymerase in a specially formulated mixture with a second proprietary thermal stable proofreading polymerase. The presence of a proofreading enzyme to repair DNA mismatches in the presence of a highly processive polymerase allows increased DNA elongation, resulting in longer DNA amplification.

GoTaq Long PCR Master Mix consists of a master mix containing the polymerase and proofreading enzyme mixture, dNTPs, and MgCl2. Also provided are control primers, human genomic control DNA, and nuclease-free water. Reaction set-up simply requires the user to add their DNA template, primers and nuclease-free water to the master mix.

For more information about GoTaq Long PCR Master Mix, please visit the company article page.