Product News: PrimaDiag Partners with IntegraGen for NGS Sample Preparation Solutions

28 May 2014

Based on its new ACSIA automation line and its various modules, the PrimaDiag team is now working on an extension of the existing configurations to design some solutions for the preparation of samples with very high added value. PrimaDiag carry partnerships with research centers and famous laboratories to help in this task. The latest is the partnership with Integragen, a leading provider of genomics, allows PrimaDiag to design and validate the preparation of libraries and the enrichment phases in your NGS protocols.

In less than 10 years, IntegraGen has grown to become the leading privately-owned genomics platform in France, thanks to its expertise in genotyping tools, meeting the industry’s highest standards.

A major actor in clinical genomics, IntegraGen’s objective is to investigate genetic mechanisms and find out pathology biomarkers, to allow clinical practitioners to use more innovative or reliable diagnostic tools, improving patients’ care.

Alongside its leading services platform, IntegraGen develops fully-owned molecular diagnosis tests to identify proactive, adapted treatments for complex pathologies. Tests developed by IntegraGen in two main areas (Autism and Oncology), are key tools for clinicians to improve patients’ care by contributing to an earlier diagnosis of familial autism or to improve clinical and surgical care of certain cancers.

As many laboratories on the market, Integragen is looking for an efficient and cost effective solution to automate the preparation of the libraries and the complex phases of enrichment. To answer to this problematic, PrimaDiag works to achieve a powerful solution based on its new ACSIA pipetting platform. Using the high requirements of Integragen’s team and the latest technologies of sequencing and analysis, PrimaDiag is about to finalize a high level solution tested and validated to obtain the best results for your next generation sequencing. Then he opens the door to a growing market with the assurance of having an effective and competitive product.

This new NGS Edition of PrimaDiag’s ACSIA line will be available soon and the first results and optimized protocols will be available for the Illumina® sequencers. Moreover it is interesting to notice the new NGS Edition from PrimaDiag will allow the samples preparation for Sanger sequencing too.