Product News: PolyScience launch DuraChill® portable recirculating chiller line

The new DuraChill range aims to be sustainable whilst still delivering a high-end performance

30 Jul 2019

PolyScience has announced the launch of the DuraChill® Portable Recirculating Chiller line. The new chillers are manufactured in the United States and debut a host of never-before-seen benefits, including a full-color touchscreen display with a five-language interface; an easily accessible front-fill reservoir; patented Whispercool® noise reduction system and the DynamicFilter™ automatic filter changing system.

“After investing more than three years in the development of DuraChill®, we’re proud to unveil a chiller with features and performance that have never been seen in this industry while still providing a level of value our customers have come to expect from us,” said Philip Preston, president of PolyScience. 

Many of the upgraded benefits were created to provide a new level of worry-free operation to the DuraChill® Portable Recirculating Chiller line and aid in regular maintenance. Most prominent among the new innovations is the DynamicFilter™ automatic filter changing system, a technological breakthrough for any device featuring a replaceable filter. The device is preprogrammed to automatically replace the filter media every month for up to two years, or at custom intervals as defined by the user. This technology was designed to help prevent chiller downtime and service calls resulting from lack of maintenance whilst removing the burden of additional upkeep from users.

Additionally, the chiller’s reservoir is equipped with a capacitance liquid-level sensor that continuously monitors the fluid level and provides a visual and audible warning when fluid levels are too low. The sensor system was created to protect chiller pump seals which can fail in as little as 30 seconds if run dry. If fluid reaches catastrophically low levels, the DuraChill® Portable Recirculating Chiller will automatically shut down and sound an elevated alarm. 

PolyScience also developed a UV light system in the fluid path that controls biological growth without requiring any maintenance or use of chemical additives, preventing the release of algaecides into the world's waterways. 

“The most common issue that our customers have had with previous generations of our chillers is simply a reduction in performance resulting from improper maintenance,” said Sue Gibbons, sales manager with PolyScience. “For example, a dirty condenser can lead to refrigeration failure. Pumps running dry can cause seals to fail or risk sucking air into the pump. We saw that 22 percent of our warranty returns were classified as ‘no-problem found,’ so we wanted to ensure that properly maintaining this chiller was as simple as possible for our customers.”

To further assist owners in maintenance and troubleshooting issues, DuraChill® Portable Recirculating Chillers feature a comprehensive Intelligent Self Diagnostics system. This innovative and patented refrigeration test system allows each DuraChill® chiller to store its complete initial operating performance profile in onboard memory on the day it is built. At any point, users can initiate the Self Diagnostic system to compare current performance against data stored on the day the chiller was first manufactured. 

DuraChill® was also designed to align with PolyScience’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

“PolyScience has a genuine commitment to sustainable practices and minimizing the carbon footprint of our products and operations,” said Preston. “As a company, we’ve decreased energy consumption by more than 22% over the past two years in spite of a more than 90% increase in production. It was imperative that we extend this philosophy to our latest product by developing DuraChill® to be the most environmentally responsible chiller line available in the market.”

DuraChill® Portable Recirculating Chillers are made using recyclable components that meet or exceed global environmental standards. PolyScience engineered the refrigeration system to allow for a migration to natural refrigerants, including the isolation of power components and use of non-sparking relays. Natural refrigerants present little or none of the potential global warning threat posed by current-day synthetic refrigerants. Further reducing the chiller’s global warming potential, the highly optimized refrigeration system was designed to reduce the overall amount of refrigerant gas needed. 

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