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Product News: PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 — A New Level of Operator Convenience in ICP-OES

Designing a high-end plasma torch of low maintenance is no rocket science!

15 Jul 2015

In Analytik Jena’s optical emission spectrometer PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000, the analytically superior vertical plasma geometry of the V Shuttle Torch enables long-term plasma performance without clogging and soot formation, even for the most heavy-duty samples like brines or petrochemicals. This improves the range of samples that can be analyzed without wet chemical sample pre-treatment significantly.

The fully demountable V Shuttle Torch with its firm torch base, and durable glass- and tube-free built-in gas connections, allows a quick plug-and-play installation routine. This reduces torch handling to a minimum and ensures precision auto-alignment. Reducing instrument down-time and maintenance costs the V Shuttle Torch makes the day-to-day routines more efficient and enjoyable.

V Shuttle Torch – clever design that pays off!