Product News: Pharmacokinetic Testing Laboratory is Using Tecan’s Freedom EVO 75 to Achieve Greater Efficiency Though Automated Sample Preparation

30 Jul 2009

The pharmacokinetic testing laboratory at Toa Eiyo, a Japanese pharmaceutical company specializing in cardiovascular diseases, is using Tecan’s Freedom EVO 75 to achieve greater efficiency though automated sample preparation. Dr Yoshiaki Watanabe, a chief research scientist at Toa Eiyo’s Fukushima Research Laboratories, explained: “Our section conducts pharmacokinetic, toxicity and safety testing on promising candidate compounds for drug development. We wanted to automate several sample preparation steps to achieve greater efficiency, and selected Tecan’s Freedom EVO 75 with an integrated 8 Plus 1 Access™ liquid handling arm for precision pipetting.”

“The characteristics of the Freedom EVO make it easy to use for many researchers. Even without specialist knowledge, it is very easy to write a script in the instrument’s operating software, Freedom EVOware®, or adapt existing programs with just a few changes. Installation of an automated pipetting device for pre-clinical and clinical testing has been very welcome, helping to reduce the burden of routine manual tasks, and we anticipate a far-reaching effect of its use in our future research themes.”