Product News: PerkinElmer Introduces Extended Capabilities for FT-IR/NIR Solutions

23 Sep 2013

PerkinElmer announces extended detector options for its Spotlight 400 FT-IR/NIR Imaging Systems, enabling more efficient sample analysis. These new detector configurations support more sensitive high performance NIR imaging for food, feeds and more, as well as longer wavelength MIR FT-IR imaging for inorganics, polymer and semiconductor applications.

In addition, PerkinElmer introduces the new Spectrum Touch Developer software module, which enables the simple creation of IR workflows for QA/QC, routine analytical labs and field measurement.

The Spotlight 400 maximizes productivity and accelerates problem solving through a powerful combination of state-of-the-art imaging technology and full automation, providing the capability to identify anomalous distribution of ingredients. This technology is thus particularly applicable to pharmaceuticals for tablet analysis and to agriculture for protein detection in animal feed. The enhanced Spotlight no longer requires liquid nitrogen as a coolant, making it possible to run the instrument overnight, therefore reducing costs and allowing for greater throughput.

The new NIR detector configuration enables more representative unattended screening of multiple samples, thereby providing greater understanding of production problems and facilitating more efficient decision making. The power and ease of this instrument can therefore be applied to analysis of distribution of ingredients in solids dosage forms and powders, contaminants in solids foods ingredients and agricultural feeds contaminant analysis.

The MIR detector option supports rapid high performance long wavelength imaging to below 590cm-1, allowing for insights not previously possible into polymer, forensics and semiconductor samples. This configuration will expedite advanced materials development and characterization.

The Spectrum Touch software facilitates easy workflow creation by non-specialized staff on touchscreen, tablet, and PC platforms, with the option of tracking and visualizing results and relationships with the Spotfire® software provided by PerkinElmer. The simple to operate IR and NIR protocols can expand product and process testing regimes for industries like food safety and fuel testing, yielding improved productivity and consistency for customers facing increasing challenges for more widespread ingredient testing.