Product News: PerkinElmer and Covaris Offer Next Gen Sequencing Grade Nucleic Acid Purification and Automated Sample Prep from FFPE Tissue Samples

14 May 2015

PerkinElmer’s chemagicTM research instrumentation and kits are now available with the Covaris “truXTRAC FFPE DNA microTUBE Kit for chemagen Technology” for DNA/RNA purification powered by Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA™) technology.   

The “truXTRAC™ FFPE DNA microTUBE Kit for chemagen Technology” rapidly removes paraffin and rehydrates FFPE tissues in aqueous buffer.  This preparation is optimized to work with PerkinElmer’s automated magnetic bead-based DNA/RNA separation technology for low, medium and high-throughput solutions.

Molecular research professionals can leverage these solutions to significantly increase the quality and yield of their nucleic acids from FFPE samples in less than four hours for up to 96 samples.  They can also simplify their workflows for a wide range of NGS, genetics and biobanking applications.

PerkinElmer’s chemagicTM kits are available for use with its chemagen Technology platform. For more information, please visit: