Product News: Pall introduces 24-well filter plate line providing laboratories with complete filtration workflow solutions

27 Jan 2021

Pall Laboratory has introduced a line of high-volume 24-well filter plates that deliver total solutions for laboratory workflow needs. The new line of 24-well plates enables laboratories to continually work within a 24-well format from cell growth, harvest, biomolecule isolation to final analysis. This capability provides higher throughput, fewer work steps, less sample loss, and reduced processing times.

Available with a variety of high-performance membranes, the new AcroPrep™ 24-well filter plates are designed for use in biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories, including higher-throughput protein/biotherapeutic discovery and development and clone screening workflows. The filter plates also are ideal for laboratories conducting seed and pesticide research and cannabis quality-control testing.

"Pall's introduction of the industry's broadest line of 24-well filter plates provides researchers with the ultimate convenience of a true one-stop resource for their filtration workflow needs," said Lori Euler, Pall's Product Manager, Molecular. "The new plates permit seamless operations throughout 24-well plate manual and automated processes, creating higher efficiencies and greater productivity.”

The new 24-well plates allow the processing of volumes up to 7 ml. The combination of larger sample volumes and easier plate-to-plate transfers achieves a filtration platform that saves time and cuts costs. The filter plates’ polypropylene construction promotes low protein binding to minimize sample loss. Select models are gamma-sterilized and individually packaged to ensure filtrate sterility.

Pall's new 24-well filter plates are available with Supor® polyethersulfone (PES) membrane in various pore sizes, Omega™ PES membrane in all molecular weight cut-offs (MWCOs), and a polyethylene/polypropylene (PE/PP) membrane. Depending on the selected pore size, the Supor plates are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including sample preparation, viral filtration, or genome mapping. The Omega plates allow for faster desalting, diafiltration, concentration, or fractionation of protein and nucleic acid samples. The PE/PP plates offer large pore sizes of 30-40 µm and are ideal for plant or cannabis applications, or as a cell strainer. Throughout the lab, Pall provides the broadest selection of membranes, enabling researchers to effortlessly source the appropriate products to fit their protocols. 

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