Product News: Omega Bio-Tek's new automation-ready, prefilled 96-well plates kit aims to increase the convenience of DNA purification

The Mag-Bind Blood & Tissue HDQ Prefilled 96 Kit removes time-consuming reagent preparation procedures necessary for magnetic processor DNA purification

29 Sep 2021

Omega Bio-Tek, a leading nucleic acid purification kit manufacturer, has released an automation-ready, prefilled DNA extraction kit for magnetic processors to purify DNA faster and easier than before. The convenient Mag-Bind® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ Prefilled 96 Kit comes prefilled with magnetic beads, reagent plates, and tip combs and aims to simplify setup and processing time for magnetic processors such as the Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher™ Flex, Qiagen BioSprint®, and the Applied Biosystems MagMax® Express-96.

The Mag-Bind Blood & Tissue HDQ Prefilled 96 Kit eliminates the time-consuming reagent-preparation steps required for purifying DNA for magnetic processors. Researchers no longer need to deal with the hassle of sourcing plasticware and spending upfront time preparing the bind, wash, and elution plates prior to extraction. The prefilled 96-well deep well plates include buffers with alcohols preadded. The kit incorporates all plasticware required for processing on a magnetic processor (including tip combs) post-lysis.

With available ready-to-load scripts, the Mag-Bind Blood & Tissue HDQ Prefilled 96 Kit streamlines the DNA purification process for a wide variety of sample types such as blood, tissue, cells, saliva, and swabs. Researchers can reduce their overall processing time for sample extraction. Isolated high-quality DNA is ready for multiple downstream applications, including qPCR, NGS, microarrays, and more.

Travis Butts, Vice President of Omega Bio-Tek, said: "It's exciting for us to be able to offer a product that will help our customers streamline their automated DNA purification process. This kit utilizes our tried-and-true DNA purification chemistry with the added value of time-savings and convenience with the reagents being provided by Omega Bio-Tek in a prefilled format."

By continuing to provide an expanding product portfolio and a wide variety of automation solutions, Omega Bio-Tek is dedicated to helping high-throughput users streamline the purification processes that revolutionize life science.

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