Product News: Olympus microscopes for electronic inspection showcased at Productronica 2019

12 Nov 2019

Olympus exhibited its DSX1000 digital microscope, LEXT OLS5000 confocal microscope, MX63/MX63L microscopes and OEM solutions at productronica 2019 in Munich. Together, these microscopes aim to help inspectors in the electronics industry achieve high levels of measurement accuracy, regardless of sample shape or size.

The DSX1000 facilitates inspection of electronic components from every angle. Both the headpiece and stage can rotate 180°, enabling quick analysis of samples without having to reposition them. The DSX1000 can also be used to examine irregular 3D electronic boards thanks to its long working distance objectives, with magnifications ranging from 20x to 7000x.  Users can instantly switch between six observation modes, ensuring the widest possible range of inspections can be carried out on a single instrument.

The LEXT OLS5000 laser confocal microscope acquires highly accurate 3D measuring data in a small amount of time and works well for high-throughput electronic inspections. The PEAK algorithm for 3D data construction and intelligent Skip Scan function reduce data acquisition times by 75%, while 4K scanning and Smart Judge function ensure this data is highly accurate. Its ultra-long working distance objectives mean that, like the DSX, the OLS5000 can also handle challenging 3D samples.

The MX63 and MX63L microscopes work well for large electronic components, such as circuit boards, flat panels and wafers as large as 300 mm. The infrared capability also makes them good for inspections on silicon-based components. They both come in an ergonomic, modular design, which allows them to be tailored to specific applications. As with all Olympus industrial microscopes, the MX63 and MX63L come with Olympus’ trusted optics, ensuring clear images and reliable inspections.

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