Product News: Nippon Instruments' mercury measuring instrument wins environmental award 2023

NIC's RA-7000 recognized for environmental and economic efficiency in mercury measurement

12 May 2023

Nippon Instruments Corporation (NIC) has received a prestigious award for excellence at the 50th Environmental Award ceremony for the RA-7000, a fully automated mercury measuring instrument which is designed with consideration for environmental impact and economic efficiency.

The RA-7000 automates operations required for mercury measurements that include up to ten steps, thereby eliminating the influence of operator skill and experience, as well as the measurement environment. The sensitivity of the instrument allows detection at a level 1/10th or less of the environmental standard. This enables measurements of small amounts of samples, minimizing the amount of effluent following analysis, thereby lessening environmental impact, and contributing to improved economic efficiency. In terms of design, the detector, sample changer, and pre-processing unit are all integrated into a single compact enclosure. This configuration minimizes the installation space, increase workability, and improves the work environment for the comfort of operators.

When asked about receiving this esteemed award, Isao Hamanaka, CEO of NIC, said, “We are grateful to the organizers for recognizing our work in developing a unique range of mercury analysis devices. We believe that this product can help signatories of the Minumata Treaty to meet their obligations, leading to a cleaner environment around the world.”

Jun Kawakami, CEO of Rigaku Holdings, added, “Across the Rigaku group, we are putting an emphasis on providing key analytical technologies to our customers to make their products more environmentally friendly, such as these analysers for identifying mercury pollution, as well as our growing range of solutions for the electric vehicle and battery space.”

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