Product News: Nikon Launches Powerful NIS-Elements Imaging Software Upgrade

03 Dec 2010

Nikon Instruments introduces version 3.2 of its comprehensive imaging software, NIS-Elements. Following the launch of Microsoft’s exciting new Windows® 7 operating system, Nikon has been able to offer unrivalled imaging performance by developing its software to incorporate many unique features.

Nikon’s commitment to continually expand the performance of its confocal and widefield imaging systems, combined with feedback and collaboration with its customers in the biosciences marketplace, has resulted in improved instrument control combined with enhanced image acquisition and data analysis. Version 3.2 includes updated core features to facilitate customised experiments and evolving protocols and comes with optional software upgrade agreements for easier access to future software updates.

NIS-Elements provides complete control over Nikon motorised microscopes and other devices in four distinct packages scaled to address specific application requirements: AR – optimised for advanced research applications, with fully automated 6D image acquisition and device control; BR – suitable for standard research applications, such as analysis and photodocumentation of fluorescent imaging through 4D image acquisition; C – enables full integration of confocal specific acquisition controls together with advanced image analysis functionality; and version D which supports colour documentation requirements in bioresearch, clinical and industrial applications with basic measuring and reporting capabilities.

Version 3.2 features a new customisable control panel and customisable optical configuration panel. A simpler GUI has been designed for NIS-Elements D, for easy switching between simple control mode, including a large image capture button, and normal control. NIS-Elements AR and BR include new dark and black GUI colour schemes for darkening the screen, ideal for image capture in a dark room.

The AR version provides a new, simple, no delay, fast timelapse mode which offers high speed image acquisition, perfecting live cell imaging by optimising capture speed. Additional Z depth colour rendering enables pseudo colour imaging on the Z axis. With an additional high performance graphics board and 3D glasses, 3D images can be visualised and cropped in volume view via an anaglyph function. Selectable pseudo colour can also be applied in multichannel imaging, providing greater flexibility for contrast adjustments.

All versions now feature customisable data export as excel or text, and the ability to collect information from more than one image for export. A selectable auto contrast switch is provided in the auto capture folder to avoid loss of detail in thumbnail images; an additional intensity correction switch avoids over and under saturation on live and fixed cell images; and a new adjustment function for large images in nD acquisition makes image stitching easier. Improved measurement and analysis capabilities include an added graph option of adjustable time and intensity range, which can be exported to excel. Version 3.20 also offers improved customisation of filters – all adjustable in one window.

NIS-Elements is optimised to support Nikon’s microscope systems such as the groundbreaking A1 confocal series, advanced Eclipse Ti inverted series, C1 confocal and uprights such as the 90i and 80i models, along with Nikon’s revolutionary AZ100 Macro Zoom system, as well as the Digital Sight camera series. It also supports many third-party cameras and imaging devices.