Product News: New Trapping Columns Promise Swift Analysis with Quality Results

15 Feb 2019

PharmaFluidics is a game-changing innovator in the field of analytical chromatography. The company has devised a fundamentally new way of performing separations by creating nano-LC columns on a silicon chip. Their µPACTM columns enable a robust and highly reproducible detection of more molecules from complex biological samples such as biopsies, proteome digests, culture media or bio-pharmaceutical actives. Building upon their groundbreaking micro Pillar Array technology, a new trapping column was launched today, further improving analytical capabilities and throughput time of analyses with µPACTM columns.

Today, the company has announced the release of a trapping column, compatible with their line of analytical micro-chip columns. This trapping column is an important asset to proteomics analyses where samples are often diluted and contain contaminants due to pretreatment steps. When integrated into the experimental set-up, the trapping column enables sample clean-up and preconcentration prior to analysis. This improves the sensitivity and quality of detection, enables more samples to be analyzed in less time, and increases the analytical column lifetime. The new µPAC trapping column’s dimensions and surface chemistry have been carefully optimized to match the analytical columns, further improving chromatographic performance.

Paul Jacobs, PharmaFluidics COO, says: “This trapping column is an important addition to our product portfolio. It is the result of our market-driven innovation approach, interacting closely with our user base. They have already achieved remarkable scientific results with our µPAC technology, and we believe this new trapping column will further improve their workflows. Behind the scenes, we are preparing additional product releases for later this year, which will expand µPAC's applicability to new markets.”