Product News: New Technology Enables Fast and Reliable Element Analysis

09 Jan 2017

Fast and reliable multi-element analysis in most diverse matrices and simple handling are prerequisite for efficient applications in routine and research. With its unique technology but typical AAS-handling, contrAA® aims to provide the perfect answer to all application requirements.

The use of a Xenon short-arc lamp emitting a continuous spectrum across the entire AAS wavelength range and the fast high-resolution spectrometer with CCD array detector not only provide fast sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis but also element screenings and the analysis of non-metals (e.g. sulfur, halogens) using their characteristic molecular absorption bands.

The Xenon lamp produces a significantly higher intensity than traditional AAS lamps, contributing to an improved signal-noise-ratio, which improves detection limits by up to an order of magnitude. It also allows the use of secondary wavelengths with only a fraction of the sensitivity of the primary one, and which can be used to analyze higher concentrations without compromising precision. Sample preparation is reduced to a minimum. Multiple dilutions of a sample are a matter of the past. Instead, the instrument’s working range is easily adapted by selecting a suitable wavelength.

In combination with the Dynamic Mode, contrAA® allows the measurement of ultra-trace and major elements within a single method. Using the Dynamic Mode allows manual or automatic adjustment of the dynamic working range of the instruments according to the concentrations encountered in samples. Multiple calibration curves can be connected to a wide range calibration covering up to 5 orders of magnitude. This further contributes to fast and easy multi-element measurements and makes light work of quality control analyses in industries such as food production.