Product News: New Product Extensions of Protinol and Renol Osmometer Control Solutions

03 Jun 2012

Advanced Instruments has announced new product extensions to our osmometer control solutions offering. Now available in convenient 2 mL screw top vials, Protinol serum controls and Renol urine controls, are the same formulation as the existing product but now available in individual levels and convenient multi level kits.

"The new products have been developed to provide our customers more flexibility and value in their selection of matrix based osmometer control solutions," Said Kelly Peterson, Clinical Product Manager. " Customers can now select exactly the levels and type of matrix control solutions they wish to enhance their osmometer proficiency program."

When using these new products, customers can expect the following benefits:
• The convenience of a screw top vial
• More vials per kit means the product will last longer
• Individual levels can be purchased to provide more flexibility
• Smaller fill volumes means less waste
• Better value compared to the current product
• Still the world's best performing osmometer control solutions