Product News: New Olympus CX3 Series Upright Microscopes

Olympus CX3 series upright microscopes enable error-free microscopy for users of all levels and experience

04 Jul 2017

Providing maximum comfort during long periods of observation, the unique and ergonomic CX33 and CX43 microscopes are the result of a thorough analysis of the clinical microscopy workflow.

Detailed analysis has been conducted on the repetitive steps of routine microscopy – where optimisation can yield significant benefits. The result is embodied in the dedicated design of the CX3 series microscope frames - where the low positioning of controls greatly improves speed and comfort while minimising the risk of errors. This is especially true on the CX43 with its unique ability to “lock” the controls and provide a stable configuration for all users. 

The CX33 and 43 feature a unique combination of bright LED illumination and exceptional user comfort. Samples can be observed in brightfield and darkfield with both microscopes, while the CX43 also includes phase contrast and polarisation observation. A long-lasting LED light source for high-quality fluorescence observations can also be added to the CX43 microscope at any time – its unique design will not raise the eyepiece’s height, preserving frame ergonomics.

Completing the series, the CX23 is a robust and easily transportable microscope for educational purposes, such as for cytology and histopathology teaching. All CX3 microscopes models are available with a camera port, providing a fast way to capture and share the quality of Olympus optics.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Robust and cost effective
  • Durable and efficient LED power source
  • Olympus quality optics

Relevant applications:

  • Routine observation
  • Clinical microscopy
  • Educational microscopy
  • In-the-field use

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