Product News: New Marana-X-11 sCMOS for EUV and soft X-ray detection

A super-fast frame rate, large field of view, exceptional dynamic range, and high quantum efficiency, means no compromises

30 Jun 2022

Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company and world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, has announced the launch of its new Marana-X platform for ultra-fast soft X-ray/EUV tomography and High Harmonic Generation imaging.

Marana-X-11 represents a significant technological advancement for applications that traditionally use slow scan CCDs.

Specifically optimized for the 80eV-1keV region, Marana-X-11 boasts superior quantum efficiency and noise floor at the fastest acquisition rates compared to CCDs, to enable dynamic photon starved applications.

Combining a high-resolution back-illuminated, uncoated 4.2 Megapixel sensor with a large 32mm diagonal field of view featuring 11µm pixels, market leading 48 fps and high dynamic range, Marana-X-11 is the ideal detector solution for challenging EUV & soft X-ray experiments.

This sensor offers great flexibility to analyze a wide range of sample configurations and address demanding spatial and spectral resolution needs in one single setup.

Its electronic shutter, combined with a USB3 or robust long distance CoaXPress data interface, enables easy integration into a broad range of vacuum based high energy experimental setups.

Antoine Varagnat, Andor’s Business manager for Physical Sciences, said: "Marana-X 11 is a terrific addition to our growing portfolio of high-performance cameras. This latest detector is super-fast and sensitive, while it also benefits from a high dynamic range and high quantum efficiency, making it the optimal solution for direct soft x-ray and EUV imaging.

"With a drive to upgrade high energy physics sources worldwide, to higher fluxes and repetition rates, this innovative product will help scientists make the most of these advances."

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