Product News: New Magnifier Inspection Tool now available from Delta Scientific

New inspection tool has been created to help customers accurately inspect their samples and prevent unwanted blockages in their ICP and ICP-MS components

20 Jan 2022

Canadian lab equipment distributor, Delta Scientific, has announced the launch of a new Magnifier Inspection Tool, enabling customers to inspect nebulizer blockages, ICP-MS Cone condition, and capillary tubing.

The Glass Expansion inspection tool has been created to help customers conduct quick and accurate inspections of their samples. Features include:

  • 10X Magnification
  • 8 LED Lights
  • Manual Focus Knob
  • 20mm Glass Reticle Horizontal Scale
  • Protective Storage Pouch included

This latest launch adds to the company’s portfolio of 1900 Glass Expansion products. Delta distributes Glass Expansion ICP & ICP-MS Supplies & ICP-MS Accessories including TruFlo Sample Monitors, Spray Chambers, RF Coils, and other ICP components.

Glass Expansion supports instruments from 11 different manufacturers, providing sample introduction systems for over 50 ICP and ICP-MS models. The company has developed a unique and proprietary manufacturing method that enables the production of components with high mechanical strength and micron-level dimensional accuracy to satisfy the narrowest of analytical specifications, every time.

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