Product News: New Live Cell-Impermeant Far-Red Fluorescing DNA Dye

27 Aug 2010

The new DRAQ7™ from Biostatus Ltd. is a new live cell-impermeant far-red fluorescing DNA dye with the spectral properties that made DRAQ5™ a reagent of choice. For flow cytometry applications, DRAQ7™ rapidly labels only dead, dying and apoptotic cells in cytotoxicity and viability assays, as well as fixed cell preparations. Its far-red emission permits new combinations of dyes to be used in the understanding of apoptosis.

DRAQ7™ is directly interchangeable with DRAQ5™ to permit convenient two tube multi-colour analysis for sample quality and DNA content analysis. For HCS and microscopy, DRAQ7™ efficiently counterstains fixed cell and tissue preparations. It offers differential nucl:cyto staining for dual compartment segmentation for translocation tracking and cell morphometrics for in vitro toxicology.

With negligible toxicity, DRAQ7™ can be used in RNAi knock-down and long-term, dynamic viability assays to report cytotoxicity and apoptosis. Supplied as a convenient aqueous, ready-to-use solution, the introductory 1 ml pack is sufficient for 200 flow cytometry tests, 200-300 slides and 6000 microtiterplate wells.