Product News: New Kit Reduces Total Western Blot Detection Time by 90 Minutes

20 Jan 2012

LI-COR® Biosciences introduces the Quick Western Kit-IRDye® 680RD that reduces the overall time to complete a Western blot by approximately 90 minutes. The kit provides a universal detection reagent that can be combined with the primary antibody incubation step in a Western blot procedure, eliminating the need for a secondary antibody. Eliminating this step creates the time savings while providing the detection advantages of near-infrared technology.

“The Quick Western Kit-IRDye 680RD has been specifically tested and qualified for Western blot applications. Because it is a universal detection system, it eliminates the need to purchase and use multiple secondary antibodies,” says Shawn Mischnick, LI-COR technical product specialist. “The kit offers our customers a quick, quantitative solution with all the benefits of superior infrared dye technology.”

IRDye infrared dyes and near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent imaging from LI-COR offer enhanced sensitivity due to low background autofluorescence in the near-infrared region, offering high signal-to-noise ratios. IRDye infrared dyes have absorption and emission wavelengths in the NIR spectrum, between 680 nm and 800 nm. All IRDye infrared dyes are optimized for use with LI-COR infrared imaging systems.