Product News: NEW Hotplate Compatible PTFE Beakers

26 Jan 2007

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) introduces the new Thermotech® heatable PTFE beaker. This unique product features the combination of a pure PTFE body with a specially formulated, stabilised PTFE-Carbon base as a single moulding, which gives a totally inert pure PTFE inner surface; can be placed on a hotplate and heated to 270ºC without distortion, provides improved heat transfer, and combines purity with safety where glass can’t.

The potential use of the Thermotech® PTFE beaker is vast as the chemical resistance of PTFE over a wide range of temperature is unequalled, which means that material is used in all applications where chemical resistance and purity is important. It would be of particular interest to pharmaceutical researchers, analytical laboratories, mining analysis laboratories.