Product News: New Generation of Microbial Air Samplers

13 Jan 2011

The Coriolis® developed by Bertin Technologies is a new generation of microbial air sampler which significantly reduces the time-to-results and increases the reliability of data obtained. Its patented cyclonic technology delivers a liquid sample compatible with all analyses including immuno-assay, PCR, flow cytometry, microbiology.

Using Coriolis® air sampler, bioaerosols generated by fermentation on different composting sites were successfully collected, which enabled researchers from Microbiology Insitute of Cantonale (Swizerland) to investigate the presence of viable Legionella and amoebae in the bioaerosols. In another project, UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) developed a new method dedicated to the study of the presence of Aspergillus released from composting process. This method combines Coriolis® with subsequent qPCR determination, which produces reliable results within two hours.