Product News: New Forensic Kit from Life Technologies Expected to Help Solve More Criminal Cases

02 Feb 2009

Life Technologies Corporation, a provider of innovative life science solutions, has announced the availability of a new forensic reagent kit through its Applied Biosystems unit, that enhances the ability to utilise forensic evidence in criminal investigations. The PrepFiler™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit improves the quantity and quality of DNA that can be extracted from forensic samples.

This reagent kit is expected to assist forensic analysts in processing evidence by improving the sample-preparation process, which is one of the most time-consuming aspects of DNA analysis. Inefficiencies in sample preparation often lead to sample re-processing or complicated data interpretation, which can slow the process of obtaining conclusive results. The PrepFiler kit maximises the quantity of highly purified DNA that can be extracted from both routine and challenging forensic samples, enabling sample preparation to occur in a rapid, reproducible manner. It also features a streamlined, easy-to-automate workflow that is a significant improvement over alternative approaches such as custom manual methods and other automated commercial reagent kits.

“The entire DNA testing process is affected by the quantity and quality of DNA obtained and purified during the sample preparation process,” said Arthur Eisenberg Ph.D., director of the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas. “By standardising the process with a more effective method that is also less complex, forensic laboratories have the potential to increase productivity and deliver valuable investigative information that often only forensic DNA results can provide.”

The PrepFiler kit is part of the workflow of human identification solutions used to analyse forensic DNA evidence. DNA extraction with this kit prepares the sample for the steps required to perform DNA testing. The PrepFiler kit complements solutions from Life Technologies’ Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen units that includes broad portfolios of reagent kits, genetic analysers, PCR and Real-Time PCR systems, bead-based nucleic acid purification technology and software applications.

“Improving sample preparation is a critical aspect in enabling forensic laboratories to help eliminate their backlogs of casework,” said Lenny Klevan Ph.D., president of Applied Biosystems’ applied markets business. “Life Technologies is committed to providing complete workflow solutions that play a critical role in helping law enforcement agencies solve more crimes through effective and efficient use of genomic information.”