Product News: New Flow Cytometry Portfolio Launched by Sysmex Europe GmbH

14 Sep 2016

Sysmex Europe GmbH announces the rollout of its new flow cytometry portfolio. By combining the expertise and knowledge of the global leader in hematology with that gained through the acquisition of flow cytometry pioneers Partec GmbH in 2014, Sysmex is now able to provide a complete offering to support biomedical research, the breeding ground for new diagnostic breakthroughs. The new portfolio includes immunophenotyping antibodies, tailored analyzers and specialist software.    

By expanding its technology base to include flow cytometry, Sysmex is embarking on a new journey of discovery. Initially, the focus of Sysmex’s portfolio addresses biomedical research with single-color monoclonal antibodies reagents. Available in a wide range of fluorochromes, these reagents complement Sysmex’s existing, upgraded flow cytometry product line including the Sysmex CyFlow® Space and CyFlow® Cube cytometers, as well as Celltrics® disposable filters.

“Our expanded product portfolio, especially the CyFlow® single-color monoclonal antibodies, represents our global commitment to academic, pharmaceutical, industrial and clinical researchers,” said Martin Heiden, Flow Cytometry Director at Sysmex Europe. “We look forward to offering this product portfolio to flow cytometry research communities across our EMEA region. Together with our customers we will work on further portfolio expansions to meet the fast changing researcher´s needs in the years to come.”

The product portfolio is now available for the following areas:

  • Academic and clinical research
  • Industrial applications: agriculture, aquamarine studies, water quality
  • Pharmaceutical research: oncology, drug discovery

Sysmex’s new E-shop and website is now also online with an overview of the entire Sysmex flow cytometry product range for biomedical research.