Product News: New and Improved 384-Well Clear Bottom Microplates

06 Dec 2011

Corning Incorporated has announced an upgrade to its existing line of Corning® 384-well clear bottom microplates. The new 384-well clear bottom microplates are the latest example of Corning’s ongoing 384-well microplate upgrade project.

The new microplates are dimensionally identical to the recently upgraded-solid colored microplates, allowing for easy transition into existing automation and readers. Also, the larger sidewall surface area increases flexibility in bar-coding options.

The microplates are also made of improved material which ensures better lot-to-lot consistency for more precise drug discovery outcomes.

“Throughout our long history of innovation, we have always incorporated customer feedback into our new products and technologies,” said Jeff Sauer, commercial operations manager, Corning Life Sciences. “Automation compatibility, including bar-coding, is becoming increasingly critical in the current 384-well microplate market and our new 384-well clear bottom microplates provide researchers with the solution to seamlessly meet this demand.”

Key features of the new 384-well clear bottom microplates include:

• Reduction in autofluorescence (background)
• Reduction in well-to-well signal variation
• Higher signal-to-background ratio
• Larger surface area for improved viewing
• Improved robotic handling and bar-coding
• Seamless transition between clear and solid-colored 384-well plates.