Product News: New all-in-one portable benchtop Raman spectrometer

The Raman Flipper from ANT is designed for improved Raman drop analysis

10 Sep 2019

ANT has introduced its latest instrument the Raman Flipper: an all-in-one portable benchtop Raman spectrometer exploiting drop science to eradicate losses from cuvettes, achieve lower detection limits and faster sample throughput. It also includes a convenient selection system for quick changeover to any sample type. The instrument’s sample only analysis feature combined with its research-grade spectra make it a unique and excellent option for Raman drop analysis. 

Improved Analysis 

The Flipper uses a custom plinth to present an inverted drop as small as 2µl to a position optimized for maximum sample excitation and Raman signal collection, ensuring research-grade spectra from this portable benchtop device. Such small volumes of material can be crucial when samples are rare or valuable, making the instrument a perfect choice in a wide variety of applications that includes forensics, drug discovery and food fraud, among many others. The Flipper also comes with a range of accessories allowing it to be quickly adapted for the presentation of samples in bulk, in cuvettes or vials as liquids, powders or solid. The quick changeover and accurate positioning mean rapid and reliable analysis every time. The device is available in a choice of four laser excitation wavelengths: 638nm; 785nm; 830nm; and 1064nm. 

With its small footprint and compact design, the Flipper can be readily moved around the laboratory, into a clean room, fume hood, factory floor or into the field.

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