Product News: New: 888 Titrando and 890 Titrando – routine analysis at the highest level

11 Nov 2008

Simple and convenient to operate
Standard application methods can be modified according to user requirements. Method and calculation equation templates are provided for method development. Both systems cater for connections to scales, printers, PCs, PC keyboards, barcode readers and/or Lab Link as well as sample changers. As desired both instruments can be controlled as either stand-alone systems with the ergonomic Touch Control operational element or via the PC using tiamo™ software. This is now also possible in the Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Polish and Italian languages.

Network-compatible thanks to Lab Link
Lab Link opens up access to in-house networks for the Titrando and also makes it internet-compatible. This means that the Titrando can be incorporated into a LIMS and methods and determinations can be downloaded from network directories or can be saved in them.

Reliable quality management
The Titrando system is fully oriented towards quality management in the laboratory. Self-diagnosis as well as the monitoring of calibration data of sensors, of titers and results are possible. All alterations in methods are documented and, as a matter of course, the Titrando system complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11.

Integrated automation
The 888 and 890 Titrandos are equipped with the intelligence required for the control of sample changers. Whether small or large numbers of samples, one or two processing stations, sample volume metering, sample preparation, liquid handling, rinsing and calibration of the electrodes – simply connect the sample changer to the USB interface and the world of automation opens up to you.