Product News: New, rapid method to quantitively screen bispecific antibodies

Discover how using Protein A and His1K biosensors can reduce the time of screening for bispecific antibodies

31 Mar 2020

Since the discovery of bispecific antibodies (bsAbs), engineering challenges have limited their development. Screening for bsAbs has been a major challenge in the development of bsAbs. This is due to the wide array of bsAbs present in many different species and in many different formats. These challenges make the functional evaulation of bsAbs difficult.

ELISA and SPR are currently the most popular methods for bsAbs evaluation but they are time consuming. Therefore, there is a growing demand for a fast, simple method to screen bsAbs.

In this application note, discover how ForteBio demonstrate a simple design for a bsAb quantitative assay on their Octet HTX system and how this system allows for rapid screening of cell lines expressing the target bsAb. Find out how Protein A and His1K biosensors are able to identify conditions quickly that are able for quantitative measurement of bispecific binding allowing for rapid screening of bsAbs.