Product News: NanoLiter Dispensing for Enhanced Sensitivity

24 May 2012

NanoLiter LLC and iChrom announced at ASMS a sales and marketing agreement regarding nanoLiter’s technology of induction based fluidics (IBF). This includes the nanoLiter Cool Wave dispensing platform and flutronics.

The technology allows 100% of liquid samples to be dispensed into existing ESI/LC/MS systems with excellent sample introduction efficiency. The same technology can be applied to dispense liquids onto MALDI plates for enhanced high nanoLiter sensitivity as compared to microliter droplets. The essence of the technology is that it dispenses or shoots liquids as opposed to a spray where like charged droplets can repel each other and limit sample introduction efficiency.

The technology invented in a Nevada garage by a father and son team five years ago has
been placed in 42 of the most prestigious labs in the USA from the US Army at ECBC
to NIST, NIH, Amgen, Biogen Idec, U of Illinois, WI and CA. IBF can also dispense
viscous liquids like whole blood, serum, and some glues in the uL and nL volume range.