Product News: N/Protein Solution Providers for the Brewing Industry

25 May 2017

The brewing industry plays a key role in the Food & Beverage market worldwide. Beer is, in fact, in the top three of the most widely consumed drinks along with water and tea and prove of its use goes back to the Egyptian age.

Beer production is based on the fermentation with yeast of the sugars coming from the starch mainly of malted barley (although other cereals may be used). The basic raw materials for brewing are water, malted barley yeast and hops to flavor the beer. The brewing process generally include several steps starting from the malting of barley until the packaging and distribution of the bottled beer. The nitrogen and protein content determination is a fundamental test that have great influence in various brewing steps.

VELP Scientifica is the global solution provider of high quality analytical instruments for all companies involved in the brewing industry focused on Nitrogen/Protein determination. Visit us at the next edition of the European Brewery Convention EBC in Ljubljana to know the latest news and to get in touch with our experts to discover the solution that best fits your requirement. We produce instruments and consumables of both the official methods for N/protein determination: Kjeldahl and Dumas Combustion Methods. Any brewery and service laboratory can benefit of VELP solution, matching any requirement in terms of accuracy, reliability and level of automation.

The evaluation of the correct characteristic of incoming raw material (Barley and Malt) is related to the nitrogen and protein content. Furthermore, the production of alcohols is strictly linked to the nitrogen uptake by yeast that requires nitrogen making protein and nitrogenous cell components. For this reason, monitoring of the protein content during the brewing process is important to ensure the survival, growth, and productivity of the yeast used to convert sugars to ethanol and carbon dioxide. Moreover, the protein content is an important criterion in evaluating the quality of beer: water-soluble barley proteins play a major role in the formation, stability, and texture of head foams.