Product News: MP Biomedicals: A World of Biotechnology and Diagnostics Solutions

25 Oct 2016

MP Biomedicals offer a comprehensive line of Life Sciences, Fine Chemicals and Diagnostics products. At SfN 2016, MP Biomedicals, will demo the FastPrep-24 5G Sample Prep System, the MPure-12 automated nucleic acid purification platform; and feature diagnostics, immunology and cell biology products.

MP Biomedicals was founded in 1958 selling radiochemicals to researchers, before expanding into radio-immunoassays (RIA) and specialty chemicals.  MP Diagnostics, a division of MP Biomedicals, remains a preeminent manufacturer of specialty RIAs for clinical diagnostics and research.  It was Genelab’s researchers that first identified and cloned the Hepatitis E virus in 1990.  MP Diagnostic’s infectious disease line has grown to include patented MULTISURE point-of-care (POCT) screening and confirmation tests, such as the first and only FDA-approved HTLV confirmatory test, HTLV Blot 2.4.  Through development and acquisition, MP Diagnostics has become a world-class supplier of assays and reagents used in clinical diagnostics, biomedical research, veterinary sciences, newborn and blood donor screening, and infectious disease, drug-of-abuse and cardiac testing. 

MP Biomedicals’ products are available globally and it continues to expand its portfolio with high quality and innovative products.  Products include a wide array of Molecular Biology products, including our flagship FastPrep® Family of automated sample preparation instruments, accessories, and DNA, RNA and protein purification kits.  At SfN 2016 we will showcase the FastPrep-24 5G sample prep instrument, and the MPure-12, our automated robotic nucleic acid purification platform.  MPure-12 combines magnetic bead based technology, fully integrated with an easy to use combination of 15 different sample specific reagent kits, allowing for walk-away purification from a wide variety of biological samples. This platform offers our customers superior yield, purity, reliable performance, flexibility and convenience, all at an affordable price.  MP Bio also supplies immunology and cell biology products, including antibodies, antigens, purified proteins (enzymes, albumins, selection agents, cytokines and growth factors), culture media, sera, cell separation medium and immunoassay reagents. 

MP Biomedicals is dedicated to providing researchers innovative and quality tools to meet their needs with unparalleled service.  While it offers more than 55,000 products in research-size packages, many are also available in bulk or custom sizes at competitive prices for use in manufacturing processes through our Fine Chemicals Division.

For more information, please call 800-854-0530, visit or stop by Booth #119A at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2016.