Product News: More INTEGRA GripTip options now available in environmentally friendly ECO Racks

INTEGRA now offers 300 and 1250 μl wide bore, 300 µl long, and 1250 µl short GripTips in its ECO Racks, in both 96 and 384 tip configurations

03 Sep 2021

These racks contain 60 % less plastic – significantly reducing the amount of plastic used in the lab – and save space by stacking for storage and compressing for recycling. The ECO Racks can also be paired with the company’s one-of-a-kind, reusable PopTop Base for the most convenient pipetting experience.

INTEGRA understands that there isn’t one tip for every application, which is why the company offers a variety of options alongside its standard GripTips to match the needs of specific laboratory workflows. For example, the 300 µl LONG GripTips allow access to 100 mm or 1.4 ml tubes without the concern of contaminating the pipette shaft, while the 1250 µl SHORT GripTips enable users to pipette closer to the workbench, improving pipetting ergonomics for repeated high volume pipetting tasks.

The larger aperture of WIDE BORE GripTips – with an inner diameter of 1.5 mm – alleviates shearing forces, helping to improve the consistency of cell-based applications without affecting cell viability, spreading and proliferation. These tips also reduce flow resistance when pipetting some non-aqueous solutions. For example, they allow very viscous solutions – e.g. 80 % glycerol – to enter the tip more easily and can reduce foaming when dispensing washing agents such as Tween® 20. The new ECO Rack options for these specialty GripTips extend and complement INTEGRA's existing range of environmentally friendly pipetting solutions, while maintaining the high standards that customers expect.

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