Product News: MO BIO Laboratories Announces New PowerLyzer™ 24 Bead Homogenizer

25 May 2010

MO BIO Laboratories announces new bead-based homogenizer, the PowerLyzer™ 24, enabling powerful, fast and quiet homogenization of tough biological samples.

The PowerLyzer™ 24 homogenizer features:

• Speed— homogenize 24 samples in 2 ml tubes, in seconds
• Strength— highly efficient motion results in more complete lysis
• Silence— quieter than traditional noisy bead-beaters, polytrons and vortexes
• Versatility— widest range of mixing speeds and cycle time intervals ensure shorter homogenization time, less heat generation and less sample degradation

The PowerLyzer™ 24 homogenizer is part of a complete system from MO BIO Laboratories that includes DNA and RNA isolation kits optimized for maximum performance from a wide variety of sample types.