Product News: Mix blood collection tubes for correct determination of blood glucose rate

10 Nov 2020

Diabetes is a public health problem. According to the WHO, the number of people with diabetes increased from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.[1]

Plasma glucose levels are essential for the evaluation of diabetes mellitus as well as gestational diabetes.[2]

The principally used analytical methods are enzymatic assays, such as the hexokinase reaction using an enzyme involved in the metabolic pathway of glycolysis. These methods are recommended and highly standardized with an inter-laboratory imprecision (CV) < 2.6% (1.4.5).[3]

The additive NaF - Sodium Fluoride (additive present in the glucose tubes, grey cap) on glycolysis becomes effective just  2 to 3 hours after blood sampling.

An in vitro decrease in plasma glucose of 5-7% per hour has been reported on non-centrifuged samples immediately after collection. Cellular activity continues to affect glucose concentration.

It’s known that the time from collection until separation of plasma and cells, temperature as well as cell count strongly affect glucose levels, possibly leading to false low results and subsequently to clinical misdiagnosis and incorrect patient therapy followed by increased health costs.[4] 

Having a sample tube with an anticoagulant that immediately preserves the glucose concentration is therefore essential for correct classifications.

Furthermore, it is interesting to have a sampling tube that blocks glycolysis at T0 thanks to an additive that inhibits the first enzyme (hexokinase) necessary for the first biochemical reaction of glucose degradation: Citrate.[5]

That is why Greiner Bio-One has developed a tube for the inhibition of glycolysis for the precise determination of blood sugar content: the VACUETTE® FC Mix tube.


  • Stabilization immediately after collection for up to 48 hours 
  • Shows the in-vivo value (almost 100%) 
  • Helps with correct diagnosis of diabetes patients 
  • Stabilization enables longer transport and storage times

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