Product News: METTLER TOLEDO launches new generation of laboratory balances

The new lines also feature a more sustainable use of materials

23 Feb 2024

Eileen Hannigan and Sarah Nadin, Assay Development team at Merck
MX, MR, MA, and LA balances by METTLER TOLEDO

METTLER TOLEDO has announced the launch of four new laboratory balance lines. Laboratories from large enterprises, medium-sized companies, and startups worldwide will have a more comprehensive and superior selection of balances to ensure accurate weighing.

Customers will benefit from a broad range of balance models that have been designed to meet the needs of every user, industry, and workplace, from advanced weighing requirements to the most essential weighing needs. The new portfolio is engineered for enhanced user experience, designed with sustainability in mind, and built with the highest quality materials for trusted, long-lasting performance.

The portfolio covers readabilities ranging from 1 g down to 0.01 mg and capacities from 220 g up to 32 kg, including large platforms and compact portable models.

The MR balances promise to deliver consistently accurate results even in the harshest weighing environments. They feature a robust construction and the range of built-in applications and connectivity options make MR balances highly versatile.

The MX balances boast weighing performance, effortless data management, and user-friendliness. With innovative engineering, these balances are designed to provide an ergonomic weighing experience and satisfy advanced weighing requirements. Promising to be highly intuitive and with a multitude of smart features, such as ErgoDoors, SmartPan, StatusLight, LevelControl, and advanced routine testing functions, these balances aim to simplify your weighing tasks. To easily comply with GxP regulations, they offer user management and activity log traceability.

The MA balances are designed with a focus on valuable, practical features. Touch control on a bright LCD screen, simple menus, guided applications, and easy result documentation assist in ease of use. These balances are also available in a compact portable design with battery operation that saves valuable space on your workbench and enables you to easily transport your balance.

The LA balances, are designed to be affordable and high quality, with all the basic functions required for essential weighing tasks. LA balances feature a bright LCD display for optimal reading in all conditions. With an RS232 interface, it can be connected to a printer, secondary display, or other device. Each balance has three integrated applications (weighing, dynamic weighing, and piece counting).

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