Product News: MARS data analysis software available for all BMG LABTECH microplate readers

29 Aug 2008

BMG LABTECH GmbH, the worldwide leader in innovative microplate reading technology announces full compatibility of the sophisticated data analysis software MARS for all BMG LABTECH microplate readers.

MARS can now also work on the NOVOstar, NEPHELOstar, the OPTIMA- and OMEGA- series of microplate readers as well as the high-end PHERAstar Plus multi-detection HTS reader. MARS provides quick and easy results and user-defined data processing is done simply by one click of the mouse.

Upgrade to MARS and benefit from the calculation of important parameters such as S/N, Delta F % and Z´. Easy calculation of a standard curve and the Template Manager for building complex data processing protocols are main features of the software. MARS includes powerful sort and order functionality, averaging of raw and blank corrected data, automated or user-defined range adjustment, zoom functions, and a curve fitting library to allow fast calculation of EC50, IC50, r2, and CV values. MARS is also FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.