Product News: Macro to Micro Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging with the iBox Explorer Imaging Microscope

15 Apr 2016

The iBox® Explorer™ Imaging Microscope facilitates macro to micro technology for fluorescent in vivo small animal imaging.

The iBox Explorer provides breakthrough advances in its dual lighting system and software controlled objectives for imaging from organs and tissues to individual cells.  With rapid and multiplexed fluorescence detection of tumor margins and micro metastasis, the iBox Explorer cleanly separates normal from cancer tissues via the cell's fluorescent signature. Operating in the visible to NIR wavelengths, the system yields detailed images of tissues and cells or, using the joy stick, traverses an area such as the open abdominal region or skin flap of a mouse for rapid screening. Optical configurations are parcentered and parfocal, allowing seamless imaging through the magnification ranges. The leading-edge cooled color camera enables quick detection, image capture and high throughput.

The VisionWorks®LS software automates research with total system control and allows easy creation of templates for reproducible, consistent results. 

A key component of the iBox Explorer system is the BioLite™ Xe light source which provides a bright illumination source for specific wavelengths. The BioLite Xe source houses a xenon lamp that allows brilliant excitation of fluorescent probes in a variety of applications. A motorized filter wheel accommodates up to eight excitation filters for convenient switching between experiments and multiplexing applications. GFP and RFP filters are included; additional filters are available.

Micro detection application of fluorescence in vivo imaging in small animals is wide ranging including tumor cells detection in the colon. A skin flap technique allows visualization of the MMT dual color tumor cells in the colon. GFP (green fluorescent protein) and RFP (red fluorescent) filters were used to isolate the respective fluorescence. Compositing was performed using VisionWorksLS software.

An anesthesia system can be added to the iBox for safe anesthetizing of with isoflurane.