Product News: lumox® and x-well Cell Imaging Consumables from SARSTEDT

04 Sep 2015

Regardless of whether you are carrying out fluorescence- or light microscopic analyses on living or fixated cells, individual analyses or parallel test series, the comprehensive lumox® and x-well product range from SARSTEDT provides ideal solutions for superior optical results of your cell imaging tests.

x-well Cell Culture Chambers:

  • x-well cell culture chambers are available with slides made of PCA, glass, cover glass or the lumox® film with excellent optical properties for optimal results in your cell imaging tests.
  • The high-quality slide surfaces are ideally suited for the cultivation of adherent cells.
  • All steps of histological and fluorescence staining can be conveniently carried out in a time-efficient manner.
  • Small compartments enable most efficient testing by reducing cell numbers and reagents.
  • Easy and convenient handling – The chambers of all products marked ”detachable“ can be detached from the slide without a tool, leaving no adhesive residues on the slide. 

lumox® multiwell &dish

  • The gas-permeable, highly transparent film base is ideal for excellent results in microscopic analyses of living and fixated cells.
  • Black 24-, 96- and 384-well cell culture plates with lumox® film base (50 µm) for fluorescence microscopy.
  • lumox® dishes (25 µm film base) are available with a diameter of 35 mm and 50 mm.
  • For further analyses, (e.g. electron microscopy) the lumox® film can be excised.