Product News: Long-term spheroid culture and high-resolution imaging

29 Apr 2021

The µ-Slide Spheroid Perfusion is the latest, innovative flow chamber created by ibidi. It is ideal for the long-term culture and high-end microscopy of 3D cell aggregates, such as spheroids, organoids, or tissue. Throughout the whole experiment, perfusion guarantees a fresh medium supply to the cells.

The µ-Slide Spheroid Perfusion consists of 3 x 7 flat-bottomed wells that are connected through a channel above. Each well forms its own niche where the specimen is cultured.

When applying perfusion through the channel, fresh medium continuously diffuses to the specimen. This ensures optimal nutrition and oxygen supply throughout the experiment without exposing the specimen to significant shear forces.

Spheroids can either be generated directly in the µ-Slide Spheroid Perfusion wells or existing 3D cell aggregates—created with any protocol—can be transferred into the µ-Slide. After closing the wells, the channel is filled with culture medium, and the perfusion is started using the ibidi Pump System or any other cell culture pump. The samples are observed through the thin ibidi Polymer Coverslip bottom, which has the highest optical quality (comparable to glass) and is ideally suited for high-resolution microscopy.

This experimental setup guarantees maximum viability, but with minimum shear stress for spheroids, organoids, or tissue, and it makes the µ-Slide Spheroid Perfusion ideal for a large variety of cell types and applications. Scientists who would like to test this new product with their own experiments can get free samples at:

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