Product News: LogPhase 600 microbiology reader measures microbial growth curves in multiple microplates

12 Jun 2020

BioTek has unveiled a unique class of microplate readers with the new LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader. The LogPhase 600 is the only four-plate microplate reader purpose-built to perform microbial growth curve analysis. Multiple plate measurements increase throughput and reduce the need for multiple costly single-plate absorbance readers that take up valuable bench space. At the same time, highly consistent environmental conditions support high quality absorbance results without growth curve artifacts, even in bacterial and yeast assays with extended incubation periods.

The compact LogPhase 600 features a robust, stringently tested shaking mechanism to ensure that cells remain in suspension and will not settle out, and that the hardware will not wear out, even over the course of long-term kinetic assays. Incubation in the LogPhase 600 is controlled by several sensors for even heating and includes Condensation Control™, which prevents light scatter and artifacts due to condensation. The consistent growth conditions in LogPhase 600 ensure consistent assay results.

Controlling the reader is the LogPhase 600 App, which captures data and provides powerful analysis with an easy-to-use interface. The App allows multi-plate results to be viewed simultaneously with simple export capability.

LogPhase 600 is ideal for yeast and bacterial growth assays, antimicrobial resistance studies, algal and biofuel research, along with food and beverage testing.

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