Product News: LI-COR Displays Odyssey Infrared Imaging Systems at Neuroscience 2013

18 Nov 2013

Odyssey Infrared Imaging Systems and LI-COR® reagents have been used for research applications in many different disciplines, including neuroscience, neurobiology, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s and more.

Last week LI-COR showcased the Odyssey CLx and the Odyssey Fc, plus the MPX™ Multiplexer Blotting System, and several new products at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Journal references related to the use of LI-COR's Odyssey systems for research in the Neurosciences include the following:

Conditional Deletion of Notch1 and Notch2 Genes in Excitatory Neurons of Postnatal Forebrain Does Not Cause Neurodegeneration or Reduction of Notch mRNAs and Proteins
Jin Zheng, Hirotaka Watanabe, Mary Wines-Samuelson, Huailong Zhao, Thomas Gridley, Raphael Kopan, and Jie Shen
J. Biol. Chem., Jun 2012; 287: 20356 – 20368.

Enhancement of Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla Neuronal Nitric-Oxide Synthase–Nitric-Oxide Signaling Mediates the Central Cannabinoid Receptor 1-Evoked Pressor Response in Conscious Rats
Badr Mostafa Ibrahim and Abdel A. Abdel-Rahman
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., Jun 2012; 341: 579 – 586. 

Specific Serine-Proline Phosphorylation and Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3β-directed Subcellular Targeting of Stathmin 3/Sclip in Neurons
Sara Devaux, Fabienne E. Poulain, Véronique Devignot, Sylvie Lachkar, Theano Irinopoulou, and André Sobel
J. Biol. Chem., Jun 2012; 287: 22341 – 22353.

For more journal references citing the use of the Odyssey Imagers and LI-COR reagents, see LI-COR’s most recent Publications List.