Product News: Leica Microsystems Launches Allrounder Color Camera for Industrial and Life Science Microscopy

Leica DMC4500 with 5-Megapixel CCD Sensor and USB 3.0 Interface

21 Jul 2015

Leica Microsystems have launched the Leica DMC4500 allrounder camera, an ideal tool for advanced analysis and documentation. It can be used in industrial applications such as quality control and life science applications such as pathology, or pharmaceutical testing. The camera is fast with a 5-megapixel CCD sensor, providing a live image speed of up to 18 frames per second. Its’ USB 3.0 interface takes care of fast interaction between the camera and computer, making it compatible with desktop computers and laptops alike.

Clinton Smith, Senior Product Manager at Leica Microsystems, says: "The Leica DMC4500 is an ideal choice for most analysis and documentation tasks due to its exceptional picture quality and ease of use. While some cameras are dedicated to specific tasks, this versatile camera can handle many applications in industry as well as in life sciences, with the exception of fluorescence-only applications. And it has a USB 3.0 interface, an upgrade from the formerly common firewire interface. That's great, because you can just plug it into your computer and laptop."

Cameras play an important role in analysis and documentation tasks. The depiction of realistic colors is as important as the acquisition speed. The CCD sensor of the Leica DMC4500 provides true-color rendering in the high-resolution images it produces. Users can quickly position and focus the sample directly on the computer screen due to the live speed of 18 frames per second. Smith adds: "The camera is optimized for precise image analysis, documentation, and reporting in standard microscopy applications. It provides detailed, exceptional picture quality with outstanding accuracy and brilliant color reproduction."

The Leica DMC4500 is the successor of the Leica DFC450.