Product News: LECO releases ChromaTOF Tile analytical software for faster data analysis

A data comparison tool that aims to save you hours of time in the lab

03 Feb 2021

LECO has released a revolutionary new data analysis software for GCxGC data: ChromaTOF Tile. This software provides an industry-first data comparison tool that identifies statistically significant differences between classes of samples, reducing days to- weeks of work down to hours or even minutes. Based on Dr. Robert Synovec’s tile-based Fisher ratio analysis, ChromaTOF Tile partitions the data into a set of regions (tiles) and compares regionalized data. This allows it to disregard normal variances of alignment shifts to focus on where the actual differences are, so users can stop looking at their data and start actually using it.

ChromaTOF Tile is compatible with all of LECO’s GCxGC TOF-MS instruments, including the Pegasus® BT 4D, the Pegasus GC-HRT+ 4D, and the original Pegasus 4D. A free 90-day trial of the software is available for all current LECO GCxGC customers on their website.

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