Product News: Laser Physics Introduces the New Polarcam from 4D Technology

11 Dec 2012

The new PolarCam micropolariser camera from 4D Technology simultaneously captures multiple polarised images of each video frame, enabling a range of image enhancement techniques and polarimetric measurements.

Small, fast and field-proven, these CCD cameras are ideal for polarization microscopy, industrial monitoring, 3D reconstruction and more. The cameras offer 0.5, 1, 2, and 4MP sensors, up to 260 frames per second frame rate, ensuring the fast capture of rapidly changing scenes without blur.

Proprietary wiregrid polariser technology gives the PolarCam’s sensor broad spectral response, angular bandwidth, high ex¬tinction and low cross-talk.

Used for applications in image enhancement, medical imaging, surface mapping amongst others, the PolarCam is available with an optional frame grabber and high speed computer system to maximise your system performance.