Product News: Labcyte Launches New Family of Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handlers featuring 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Software

State-of-the-art software supports laboratories working in regulated environments

05 Feb 2018

Labcyte Inc. has announced the release of a regulatory-ready family of Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handlers intended for pharmaceutical companies and laboratories developing and running bioassays. Integral to this new capability of Echo liquid handlers is new software, Echo® 21CFR11 Compliance Manager, and services designed to simplify deployment in regulated laboratories that must comply with the 21 CFR Part 11 regulations established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Regulatory-ready versions of the Echo® 525, 550, and 555 Acoustic Liquid handlers are among several other new products the company introduced at SLAS2018 in San Diego.

Echo® 21CFR11 Compliance Manager, software included with the regulatory-ready systems, seamlessly integrates with Echo liquid handlers and Echo® software applications to control who can view, create, edit, approve, archive, and delete data that is generated by the systems. Using advanced proprietary verification algorithms, the software also detects any data tampering to give users confidence in the integrity of their data.

"The new regulatory-ready Echo® Liquid Handlers make it easier for laboratories to successfully install, qualify and operate the system in a regulated laboratory environment," said Chris Grimley, Vice President of Marketing for Labcyte. "Echo 21CFR11 Compliance Manager software prevents unwanted changes to system settings or protocols and maintains full traceability of system use, which is critical for bioassay development and implementation."

Acoustic liquid handling, pioneered by Labcyte, has been adopted across pharmaceutical sample management and screening programs for the dispensing of reagents in a wide variety of molecular and cellular assays. It uses the gentle energy of sound waves to move liquids in nanoliter increments with extremely high precision and accuracy. The technology is contactless, avoiding risks of sample carryover or cross-contamination and reduces sample volume needs, which in turn leads to improved data quality, higher throughput, and lower assay costs.

For more information about the Echo 21CFR11 Compliance Manager, including a series of tutorial workshops visit Labcyte at booth 915-921, at SLAS2018.

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