Product News: Labcyte Inc. Launches Two New Systems to Expand Acoustic Droplet Ejection Technology for a Wider Range of Uses

07 Jan 2008

Labcyte, world leader in acoustic ultra-low volume dispensing, introduces the Echo® 520 liquid handler. This affordable system uses sound to transfer fluids with high accuracy and precision. Multiple types of common solutions are transferred without cross-contamination. We also introduce the POD™ 810 plate assembler, which unites any Echo system with additional hardware components to prepare assay-ready plates. See both of these exciting new systems at booth 356.

Move liquids with sound! Acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) is a highly precise technology that uses sound energy to transfer ultra-low volumes of fluids. Nothing ever touches your compounds or reagents. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. ADE uses no tips or nozzles so there is no clogging, even with crystallizing reagents or proteins.

The Echo 520 liquid handler expands the range of applications available to the user. This affordable system can transfer 2.5 nL to microliters of fluid including common aqueous buffers used in protein and nucleic acid assays, as well as DMSO for drug compound management and screening.

The POD plate assembler enhances the performance of any Echo liquid handler by incorporating a robotic plate handler, bulk filler, plate stackers, scheduling software and other components into a single integrated system. The POD uses Echo Dose-Response and Cherry Pick software to prepare hundreds of plates per day, relieving you of the onerous task of plate set-up while facilitating miniaturization for reduced assay costs. ADE eliminates pipette tips and wash-waste stream, thereby further reducing running costs by as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Truly non-contact liquid transfer minimizes false results due to cross-contamination, accumulated error or sample precipitation while it eliminates the cost of pipette tips and wash procedures.

Visit these posters showing Labcyte technologies while you are at LabAutomation2008: