Product News: Jenoptik ProgRes® Camera line is Now Available With USB Interface

19 Apr 2009

A new product line with USB Interface is added to the ProgRes® Camera family and sets a new era. The new USB 2.0 based cameras in the ProgRes® CMOS and CCD Research camera line have been optimized according to customer wishes and will be available worldwide at authorized ProgRes® retailers at the end of April 2009.

The CMOS Camera models ProgRes® CT1, CT3 and CT5 are now equipped with USB interface. With an extended resolution up to 5 Megapixels and a live frame rate up to 20 fps the new USB Camera of the CMOS Line delivers faster high resolution with excellent image results.

New in the ProgRes® CCD Research Series are the USB Models ProgRes® CS and MS. These extraordinary and very sensitive cameras perform high sensitive imaging with up to 50 fps in full resolution (CCIR/PAL). You can also get the ProgRes® CF and MF cameras now with USB interface with faster live imaging in SXGA resolution with 15 fps. We adapted the USB interface to our cameras to satisfy the needs of our customer for easy connection. The basic requirement for productive work in Life science and Material science is the need for fast live preview imaging with excellent color reproduction. With the new USB 2.0 interface the ProgRes® cameras will connect fast and easily and do not require an external power supply.

Excellent color reproduction at the highest rate of speed
ProgRes® USB cameras merge the maximum readout of CMOS and CCD sensors with the bandwidth of the USB bus technology. This offers the customer rapid live preview images. Included with each ProgRes® camera is the ProgRes® CapturePro Software. This software ensures you get the best quality with excellent color reproduction with only a few mouse clicks.

Information about ProgRes® Cameras – Perfect Digital Imaging
The digital microscope camera of the ProgRes®-family is based on decades of experience in development and production of high-end solutions for digital imaging. Therefore the business unit Digital Imaging of the Optical Systems division of Jenoptik offers optimized solutions for the different requirements of the user. There are three specific groups of ProgRes® cameras available - ProgRes® CMOS cameras, ProgRes® CCD Routine cameras and ProgRes® CCD Research cameras.

Intensive methods of Sensor Calibration used by Jenoptik guarantees the best color reproduction.
The correct color reproduction is essential for image analysis and documentation. Micro- and Macroscopy of ProgRes® cameras work precisely in different environments like life science or material science with excellent results. Equipped with CCD or CMOS technology using monochrome or color sensors with optional cooling and a choice of connection either USB or FireWire the ProgRes® cameras allow professional images with ease and consistency.

Included with each ProgRes® digital camera is the ProgRes® CapturePro Software with improved functionality. Sophisticated functions have been added to the ProgRes® CapturePro Software. These functions include Extended Focus, Print Button, predefined Text Annotations and Full Screen Mode. CapturePro supports the excellent quality of the ProgRes® Camera and performs optimal imaging with reproducible results.

The new ProgRes® USB Cameras will be available worldwide from the end of April 2009 with all authorized ProgRes® Dealers.