Product News: Irish Life Sciences are delighted to add new configurations to existing reservoir range

02 Dec 2022

Irish Life Sciences, an injection molder of storage/collection plates, reagent reservoirs, and assay plates based in Athlone, Ireland are delighted to announce an extension to the current reagent reservoir range.

Irish Life Sciences current range of reagent reservoirs includes:

  • Res8-350: 8 channel V bottom, single well reagent reservoir -22mL per channel
  • Res12-351: 12 channel reservoir -15 mL per channel
  • Res96-352: Single well, 96 well pyramid base reservoir -195mL
  • Res384-353: Single well, 384 well pyramid base reservoir 185mL
  • Res1-355: Single well, flat bottom reservoir -190ml

The investment in new tooling will see the range increase to 12 reservoirs:

  • Res8-359: 8 channel V bottom, single well reagent reservoir - 290mL
  • Res12-360: 12 channel V bottom, single well reagent reservoir - 290mL
  • Res96-361: 96 pyramid bottom, single well reagent reservoir - 290mL
  • Res384-362: 384 pyramid bottom, single well reagent reservoir - 290mL
  • Res8-363: 8 Channel reservoir - 32mL per channel
  • Res12-364: 12 Channel reservoir - 22mL per channel

The reservoirs offered cover multiple working configurations as well as liquid volumes and reservoirs are available to suit liquid handling applications using eight or 12-channel pipettes right through to 96- and 384-tip automated pipetting systems.

All reservoirs are manufactured to the ANSI standard and are designed for straightforward integration into any automated liquid handling system. The reservoirs are manufactured in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom and are RNase / DNase-free. The reagent reservoirs are manufactured using polypropylene which ensures low extractables and offers chemical compatibility with most organic solvents, acids, and bases. High heat resistance allows the reagent reservoirs to be autoclaved clean.

Irish Life Sciences can also offer the range of reservoirs sterilized or with barcodes for the identification and traceability of your samples. The barcode labels are highly scratch-resistant and withstand cold storage (-80°C), temperatures of up to 100°C, and solvents. 

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