Product News: Introducing Reliable Reagent Reservoirs

27 Jun 2017

Smart laboratory work starts with reliable precision instruments and well-adapted consumables, here Socorex introduces its updated liquid handling product line.

The updated reservoir line includes both V-shape reagent reservoirs and 8/12 channel reservoirs. See their key features below:

V-shape reagent reservoir, 75 mL

  • With embossed graduations and rounded corners for easy pouring
  • Made of autoclavable Polypropylene

V-shape reagent reservoir with lid, 125 mL

  • Hinged lid closure, stackable for storage
  • Made of autoclavable Polypropylene

8 / 12 channel reservoirs, 48 mL (total capacity)

  • Each channel with rounded bottom and perfect bench stability
  • Made of Polystyrene
  • Two version available: Non-sterile in bulk or sterilized by X-ray radiation, single wrapped